Climbing Yoga

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Before, we had “aerial yoga” on a hammock suspended from the ceiling, and now we have the courageous brainchild of a yoga teacher in Burma: “climbing yoga” at the top of a climbing wall.

Khin Myat Thu Zar had the idea to “mix yoga and climbing” when she first started climbing. The feeling on the wall is very different from [yoga] on the ground,” says the 32-year-old yoga teacher, who left a career in law to pursue yoga. Climb O’Clock climbing club, which recently opened in the Burmese capital, has agreed to let her offer climbing yoga classes on the wall. The sessions start with a group warmup on the ground, and then equipped with harnesses and belayed by a club employee, participants go into yoga poses, suspended high up by the climbing rope. Khin Myat Thu Zar’s next project: taking her students outdoors to do climbing yoga on an actual rock wall, completing the experience by communing with nature.

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Last modified: October 26, 2018