I breathe in, here, and I breathe out, now

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A few years have passed since a student turned friend took her own life. Much like my dad had done over 25 years ago.

These moments of grief came with feelings of powerlessness and vulnerability. How is it that I can’t make others happy despite my own enjoyment of life and desire to get the most out of it? To me, life is beautiful! But looking back, I see the gifts this grief has left in its wake. Every person lost and each relationship ended leaves a legacy within me. Opening myself up to something bigger, I practice what yoga has been teaching me for over 28 years. The idea of Ishvara Pranidhanais to welcome what is, trust in what is to come, surrender to what life offers us, and, as the expression goes, say yes to life. That’s what I’m slowly discovering in my everyday life. These times of grief sometimes come on slowly, and because I see them coming, I feel as if I have a better experience of them. But sometimes they blow through like a hurricane and I feel myself totally resist and unable to let go. However, the sooner I accept and welcome them (without having to understand them) and remind myself that everything moves and changes, the easier it is to return to the present moment.

By Lily Champagne

Last modified: October 26, 2018